Top 3 Cities to Start a Family in Canada 

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Many people looking to start a family will come to the conclusion that their current living situations will not suffice for a new member of the family. The house may be too small, too far from schools, or not provide access to adequate childcare or other social services. These issues, among others, are some of the key pull factors that drive buyers to certain areas of the country. Looking at varying statistical factors, there are a few cities that provide everything new parents would seek. Let’s take a look at Reader’s Digest’s top cities to raise a family, and see how each top city compares.

3. Guelph, Ontario

In the number three spot is Guelph, Ontario. For its relatively small population, Guelph provides new families with benefits such as easy access to transit, low cost of food, and access to some of the major areas of Ontario without being so close that you’re paying for it. The location of Gueph being just northwest of the Golden Horseshoe provides citizens with easy access to the GTA and the USA border, without the costs associated with such a convenient location.

2. Ottawa, Ontario

In the second spot is Ottawa, Ontario. Many may be surprised to read that the Capital of the country is the second best city for a newborn–but thanks to its libraries, low crime rates and excellent transit, this city evidently has a lot to offer young families. An added benefit is Ottawa’s proximity to Gatineau and the rest of Quebec, providing cultural opportunities to young children as they are able to immerse themselves in another language and distinct culture at a young, formative age.

1. Sherbrooke, Quebec

In the top spot, taking the title of the best city to start a family is Sherbrooke, Quebec. This smaller sized city has a median age of 40, making it a relatively young city. This city also has the lowest rates of child and partner crime, and provides new parents with an 18 week maternity leave policy. In addition, the benefits listed previously regarding cultural influences apply here, as the vast majority of its citizens speak French as their primary language, providing opportunities for children to develop bilingually in their education and social interactions.

All in all, there are great places to raise families across this country. With the large population, major metropolises and ample resources, it’s no surprise that two of the top three cities are in Ontario. Don’t let this discourage you, though, as any house can be a home with the right people and right mindset. 

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