How to Sell Your Home in a Rush

confused businessman checking time on wristwatch
confused businessman checking time on wristwatch
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Life happens, from new jobs to additions in the family, the pressure to move quickly can arise at any time–and sellers are often faced with tough decisions to make their move as seamless, stress free and fast as possible. While it can take days to begin the process of selling your home on the traditional market with a realtor, cash buyers are able to provide offers on your home in extremely short time frames, and can work with sellers on closing dates as close as 2-3 weeks from the purchase date. 

Tradition versus Innovation

When looking to sell quickly, selling the traditional way is often difficult, overwhelming, and rarely accommodates sellers in the way a cash buyer would. Selling traditionally requires discovery calls and meetings with potential realtors, signing contracts with them, taking photos of the space and uploading them to the MLS–which can take days! This is time that many looking for a quick move simply do not have to waste. Alternatively, selling with a cash buyer is much more straightforward and less time consuming. From the original visit sellers can be provided with fair cash offers and should they choose to accept, will have sold their home the same day. This is simply unheard of in the traditional market that relies on financial contingencies, mortgage approvals and appraisals or inspections. 

Closing Date

Another area of concern when looking to sell and move quickly is the closing date. Many buyers in the traditional market are looking to take occupancy immediately, and will often not work with sellers to find a date that fits their schedule. With cash buyers, the closing date is extremely flexible as they aren’t immediately occupying the property. This means sellers can align the closing date to their schedule, and can select a date in as little as 2-3 weeks.

  If you or someone you know is looking to move in a time crunch, a cash buyer such as Cash House Buyer may be the best option. Off-market buyers not only provide these specific convenient benefits to sellers, but many more that realtors and buyers on the open market simply cannot provide themselves. Get in touch with Cash House Buyer today to receive your fair cash offer and move on your time.

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